Lessen1 About Wireless Power Transmission

This item is the lesson form of a student and a teacher.
I get you to study wireless electric supply with
feeling that you received the lecture.
A lecture is 10 times at all.
Mr. G, Mr. N, Mr. R, Mr. P's lesson form.
3 times is a guest's talk.

I am G. Nice to meet you.

I am a student's N.

I`m R

I`m P. Nice to meet you.

Thank you.
Let's begin the talk instantly.


Then,do you know about Wireless Power Transmission?

Oh,I know! Is it a method to send electricity by radio?

I was interested in the system is possible to charge phone
only by putting and I investigated.
Then,I found it a kind of wireless electric supply.

That`s right.
The system of wireless electric supply which is used
in what R said had a schedule of utilization since old days.

How much are they old?

That doesn`t mean several centuries.
Do you use SUICA and PASMO when takes a train?

There are many people who do not buy a ticket these days.
My friend does not know how to buy a ticket.

The spread of ic cards decayed the ticket.
Wireless electric supply is used for ic card

Oh really? I use WPT every day!!


These are familiar with ourselfs.

I think these are not WPT...because these connect with a stand.

To the opinion, it is reasonable.
Please think.
What do you do, when connecting a smart phone in code?

A cable is put in a hole.

You understood almost.

Well, it is necessary to insert a code for AC charge.
It has inserted so deeply ....
Is there electricity flowing into the metal of a shaver?

It is such a thing.
Wireless electric supply is performed with that metal.
It is very much between short distances to be used in this case,
although there are some kinds of wireless electric supply.
Transmission of electric power is a required system.
This is the same system as PASMO.

I think that the place to touch is alike.

it does not obtain.
Many say the system of the wireless electric supply currently used
for these between point-blank range as an electromagnetic induction type.
Although electromagnetic induction is the history of short wireless electric supply
as the name suggests in a basic system,
they are .... and the system used from the first stage.
Is the detailed talk of a system besides after
and the goods put in practical use made into next time again?

Thank you very much!!

Systems other than electromagnetic induction are described next time.

The page applicable to these contents of a lecture is here.
Electromagnetic induction.
History of wireless electric supply.
Electromagnetic induction type.