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The contents of this page are about the problem of wireless electric supply.

The main problems.
@Distance which can supply electric power.
AElectric power efficiency.
BInfluence on a human body.
CThe problem about utilization.


Distance which can supply electric power

The problem of distance is related to an electromagnetic induction type.

The reason is that the size of a coil is proportional to the distance which can be transmitted.
It is difficult to carry out long-distance electrical transmission with a small coil.


Electric power efficiency

This problem is related to a magnetic field resonance system.
This system is influenced by the quality of a coil.
This system has safety lower than other systems.


Influence on society

Wireless electric supply is emitting many electric waves.

Some products which are circulating are called incongruent apparatus.
It may do an obstacle to important radio.

TOYOTA is aiming at utilization of wireless electric supply.
TOYOTA will experiment in 2014.
An experiment in Japan is to be conducted in Toyota-shi, Aichi.