History of Wireless Power Transmission

  • The system of electric wave aims at space-based solar power. 
  • The system of an electromagnetic induction is the power transmission which is using electromagnetic induction.
  • The system of a magnetic field resonance is a system which Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced.

These three systems are in use.
The history of such technology is introduced on this page.

The origin of wireless electric supply.

The technology of wireless electric supply is developed recently.

The century ago,a person who is called Nikola Tesla who tried to perform long-distance power transmission built the tower which flies an electric wave.

Those days, to the surrounding human being, it was hard to understand his way of thinking.
Nikola Tesla named it the world system later.

Wireless electric supply technology other than an electric wave is also studied after that time. 

The world system 

The world system made it possible to obtain much energy infinitely for free.

Where did such the way of thinking come from?

Nikola Tesla who considered the world system was developing high energy generating and a transmitting set.

Then, the expansion transmitter was made.

It has succeeded in actually experimenting in this and generating the voltage of 12 millionV.

An expansion transmitter takes out energy using high-frequency vibration.

He thought if the ordinary wave of the earth is found, energy will be obtained using an ordinary wave.

The world system was thought in this way.

Nikola Tesla

He invented the world system.

He often observed various phenomena which are natural and happen.
By doing so, the way of thinking was swollen and various invention was carried out.

An expansion transmitter indispensable to the world system is not an exception.

The "magnetic field resonance system" shook the world 

In November, 2006, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has succeeded in the experiment turning on the 2m away electric bulb using an electromagnetic-field resonance system.

An electromagnetic induction type can be used only for a short distance.

However, it was proved that electricity could be transmitted by experiment of Massachusetts Institute of Technology also in the distance which separated more.

The "direct-current resonance system" 

Wireless electric supply is studied by various companies and researchers in order to raise power transmission efficiency.

A new system was announced this year.

It is a direct-current resonance system.

That is, electricity can be transmitted even if it does not change by development.

It means that the loss of energy decreased.