Magnetic field resonance system

A magnetic field resonance system is used for long-distance electrical transmission compared with other systems.

A person whose name is Marine devised.

The research team to which he belongs succeeded in the experiment of non-contact electric power electrical transmission in 2007.

The system is a magnetic field resonance system.


This system uses a coil and a capacitor for a receiving side the power transmission side.

A magnetic field is formed when current flows into a coil.
Vibration of the magnetic field which occurred gets across to the coil of a receiving side.
A receiving side changes it into electric power.


About efficiency

How to raise efficiency:
●Resonance phenomena are used.
●Unite the resonance frequency of a receiving side the power transmission side.
●High-frequency power is flowing in the power transmission side.
●Mainge associative strength between coils high.


●A possibility that electromagnetic waves will leak.
●The high efficiency of a miniaturization is difficult.
●The frequency which can be used is restricted.



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